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Friends of Ice World,

We hope to open roughly around July 6! I will be sending another email once we know more. Please do not stop by the rink to see if we are open.

Ice World will open in phases and reintroduce programming as it is safe to do so. We will not have any public sessions, private rentals, stick n pucks or group lessons to start with. These guidelines will be updated as new information becomes available and the facility can safely operate in the changing environment. Please visit website for updates to current policies.

Rink Regulations:

  • If a skater feels any symptom of illness, the flu or has a fever they should not come to the facility.
  • Everyone entering the facility will be screened for temperature.
  • No parent/guardian will not be allowed in the building. ONLY skaters, coaches and rink staff. 
  • No locker rooms or spectator area will be open.
  • Del Mar Cafe will not be open.
  • Water fountain will not be open. Please bring water from home.
  • No vending machines or video games will be available.
  • No food can be brought into the facility.
  • Public bathrooms will be open with limited facilities.
  • Player benches, penalty box areas will not be accessible.
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers will be placed throughout the facility.
  • There will be no lost and found. Articles left in the facility will be disposed of.
  • Inside the facility masks must always be worn by everyone except for the athletes when on the ice (Coaches must wear masks).
  • Pro Shop will be open by appointment only.

Coaches Guidelines:

  • All coaches will have their temperature taken. If a coach shows a temperature over 100.4 degrees, they will not be allowed to enter the facility. 
  • All coaches must always wear a mask or gaiter on and off the ice.
  • Coaches must come in skates and fully dressed.
  • Hockey and Figure Skating bags will not be allowed inside the facility.
  • The Pro Room will not be open.
  • Players benches and scorekeepers box are off limits.
  • Coaches must be on ice and in skates to coach.
  • Coaches will be responsible for maintaining social distancing of 6 feet when skaters are on the ice and leaving the ice. Hockey Coaches will use electric whistles.
  • When on the ice Hockey Coaches must wear gloves, helmet and face covering.
  • Coaches must sign a waiver.

Session Day Procedure – Controlling the number of people in the building and on the ice surface and the movement of people within the facility is critical for compliance with Maryland Strong: Roadmap to recovery and CDC recommended guidelines. Social distancing will always be in place. Guidelines currently are as follows:

  • No parents or spectators allowed in the building to limit capacity. Skaters should arrive fully dressed, including skates. No hockey or figure skating bags will be allowed in the rink.
  • Skaters will be dropped off at the front door. Please enter through the left 2 front doors. This will be the only entrance to the facility. This entrance will be clearly marked. 
  • Skates will need to be worn into the rink so make sure you have skate guards.
  • Door will be opened 5 minutes prior to the start of your session. 
  • Skaters and coaches should wait until rink staff opens door then proceed inside practicing social distancing as they head for the door and wait to be admitted. Marks will be placed on the sidewalk. Only one skater will enter at a time, be checked in as registered for the session and have their temperature taken via infrared thermometer measured on the forehead. Any skaters with a temperature over 100.4 degrees, will not be allowed to enter the facility.
  • Skaters and coaches can check in early at the outside cashier window in order to get into the rink faster once the building is open.
  • If a skater is not on the pre-registered list for that session, they will be turned away. There will be no method to pay at the rink.
  • Parents should remain in the parking lot for 10 minutes after the schedule start time of the session to make sure the skater is good to go and must be in the parking lot when the skater exits.
  • Skaters should remain 6 feet apart when entering and exiting the ice.
  • Upon leaving ice surface skaters must immediately exit the building via the hockey players entrance in Rink B.
  • No parent will be allowed to enter the facility.

On-Ice Protocol

  • On-ice capacity limits will be determined by Harford County Guidelines
  • No sharing water bottles.
  • No chalkboard huddles.
  • No games or scrimmages.
  • No contact drills.
  • Once on the ice players cannot remove any equipment.
  • Players remember:
  • No spitting.
  • No handshakes.
  • No high fives.
  • No hugs.
  • No horseplay or refusal to follow the rules.
  • Players violating these rules will be removed from the facility.


  • Registration for all on-ice sessions will be done on-line via the rink website or a third-party website.
  • No registering or payment will be accepted at the rink. 
  • No refunds once registered within 24 hours of the session for any reason.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

  • The facility will be cleaned and disinfected in accordance with CDC guidelines.
  • All high touch areas and bathrooms will be disinfected every session.
  • Adequate amounts of soap and hand sanitizer will be available for customers and employees.


  • Employees will be instructed to stay home if not feeling well.
  • All employees will wear proper PPE.
  • Employees will receive COVID awareness training to protect themselves and our customers.
  • Temperature readings will be taken daily of all employees.
  • Employees will regularly wash their hands or use the hand sanitizers.

April Pussler

General Manager


Covid-19 Waiver

This is a mandatory waiver that everyone entering Ice World must sign.

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About Ice World

Opened in 1996, Ice World is a year round twin ice rink facility conveniently located in suburban Harford County, Maryland. Under one roof, we have two NHL size rinks, multiple team locker rooms, seating for up to 300 patrons, a full service Snack Bar and a state of the art Pro Shop. We are located just off of I-95 about 10 minutes north east of Baltimore, Maryland and are fully handicapped accessible. Ice World offers a wide variety of ice skating programs for all levels and interests, from youth through adults.

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